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Big Oak works on a retainer basis with a small, select portfolio of professional services firms to help them in a variety of ways with their Go to Market strategy and execution. This arrangement allows me the professional flexibility to act as a strategic advisor to Portland business leaders when they’re reaching outside their organization for various resources in operational areas like finance, IT, supply chain, HR, and procurement. I’ve worked in professional services in Portland for 20 years, and know the business community in those functional areas well. This allows me to give my longtime end clients the best counsel I can about the resources available to them, both inside and outside my portfolio of client partners, and to do so on a cost-free basis.

Big Oak's Strategic Advisory Services to our end clients include:

  • Professional Services and Resource Engagement Support

  • Discreet Consulting and Counsel on Key Permanent Hires

  • Strategic Counsel on Navigating Consulting Options Within Key Operational Areas

  • Facilitated Access and Networking with Peer Senior Leaders in the Pacific NW

Big Oak's Strategic Advisory Services to professional services firms (my client partners) include:

  • Go to Market Strategy Consulting

  • Organizational Dynamics and Leadership Mentoring

  • Establishing Healthy and Sustainable Project Organizations

  • Client Relationship and Business Development Consulting

  • Client Engagement Training and Mentorship

Big Oak’s services to my client partners are provided on a monthly retainer basis, with the level of service determined in consultation with each individual client.

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